Widget Environment
Version Log & Functionality:

version 1:
*Seperate header and content in a drag- and dropable window
*Resizing by pressing the resize button or holding shift while dragging
*Close button
*Maximize button; freezes drag and drop (widget also maximizes when the header has been doubleclicked)
*Lock button: freezes drag and drop

added in version 2:
*a windows-like 'startbar' giving an index of outstanding widgets
*a minimize to tray button (to be made visible again using the startbar)

version 3:
*widgets completely rebuilt from scratch to fit multiple browser-types (tested in Firefox 2.0 and MSIE 7.0)

version 3.02:
*all buttons implemented again except for the lock button
*cross-browser widget completed;
*same functionality (except for the navigation bar) as version 2 but now cross-browser

version 3.03:
*navigation bar implented.
*added a status bar to the widget to keep resize (and eventually lock and clone) buttons

version 3.04
*added a menu which ables you to add widget manually

version 3.05
*added submenu's

version 3.06
*FIXED BUG 1: now able to create widgets after maximizing other widgets (weird bug)
*FIXED BUG 2 & 3: widgets now light up in the navbar when added or clicked on
*added desktop icons
*added settings.html to change the background of the environment

version 3.07
*FIXED BUG 4: added refresh button
*added the good old lock and unlock buttons
*expanded the settings-widget

version 4.01
*added WidgetModule.js to make site integration easier

version 4.02
*added width and height attributes in the makeNewWidget function
*added maximize attribute in the makeNewWidget function

version 4.03
*slightly changed the navigation menu css

version 4.04
*FIXED BUG 6 - change the background image (by choosing a predefined one or entering a url)

Known Bugs

1 - FIXED - unable to create new widgets after widget-maximize (in line 247 according to IE, 'unable to convert WrappedNative to object' in line 252 Firefox) (fixed in 3.06)
2 - FIXED - widget doesn't light up in the navigation bar after clicking on it (fixed in 3.06)
3 - FIXED - widget doesn't light up in the navigation bar when clicked from menu (fixed in 3.06)
4 - FIXED - unable to refresh iframe without refreshing the whole page (fixed in 3.07)
5 - changes made in the settings window won't last after reload
6 - FIXED - can't change background image in settings window (fixed in 4.04)
7 - widget might be placed outside window in small resolution